Today we got the news that the iPhone5 has finally made its way T-Mobile. Though the April 12th arrival is far later than most of us had anticipated back in October when the company first launched its "Unlimited and Unlocked" program, featuring support for the iPhone 5 by offering the nano SIM card. Unfortunately, you had to have an unlocked iPhone 5 already, which purchased at retail price came in at a steep $649. Still, when I assessed the cost of the unlocked iPhone 5 upfront against the cost of the iPhone 5 subsidized and on a two-year plan, no matter where I went, be it Verizon, AT&T or other iPhone5 retailers, in the long run the price of the smartphone would end up costing me a whopping $920 minimum at the end of my two-year contract.

So what did I do? Well I buckled down and bought the iPhone5 unlocked from the Apple Store and then headed straight over to T-Mobile to sign up for their contract-free $50 per month unlimited, text, talk and data plan and let me tell you, I've never been happier.

T-Mobile's iPhone 5: The Real Deal

 T-Mobile's new Simple Choice Plan - the $50 unlimited one I mentioned -- allows users 500MB of 4G data and then the plan switches down to 2G while still remaining unlimited. For those who feel they need the higher speeds more often with just a $10 upgrade they can add 2GB of 4G data per line or get unlimited 4G data for just $20 per month per line. This is a plan that requires no contract so if you are not satisfied you can move on.

If you price check at any other carrier out there you aren't going to find a better-priced plan--trust me, I've looked! So to me, it was totally worth it to fork over the big bucks initially for my unlocked iPhone 5 in order to have the freedom T-Mobile's plan was offering.

However, for those that jump on board T-Mobile's new plan and iPhone 5, their deal is even better.

T-Mobile's iPhone 5: How Much Will It Cost?

The iPhone 5 will sell for $99.99 down, and a $20 per month additional fee for 24 months. In the end, the cost of the phone would come to $580, which means they got out about $70 dollars cheaper than I did purchasing my iPhone 5 unlocked and then bringing it to T-Mobile.

This is not the only iPhone however, T-Mobile is planning on featuring. It seems it will also carry the iPhone 4S for $69.99 down and $20 monthly for two years. The iPhone 4 will go for $14.99 down and $15 a month.

The plans for iPhones at T-Mobile come to the public on April 12th and to me mark a distinct win for T-Mobile. If you have ever worked with the company, one thing you will notice as soon as you walk in is they don't try to kill you with service options that confuse and frustrate. Things are simple -- take it or leave it -- and to me, that's worth something. As to service, I've never yet had major problems with connectivity, and find the service reliable enough I utilize my phone for GPS navigation anytime I take a trip.

Now some might be saying the iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile is so late, it's hardly worth it, and that may be true. The reason I love that the iPhone5 has made its way to T-Mobile, however, it because it's highly likely we will see other iPhone models of the future such as the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 show up at T-Mobile as well. This gives consumers greater choice in carriers and certainly marks a milestone for T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Announces Galaxy S4 and HTC One Release Dates

For those who aren't as crazy about an iPhone as I am, however, T-Mobile also has something special for you. Today the company announced U.S. pricing for both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. T-Mobile confirmed today that it would be partnering with Samsung for the Galaxy S4, launch which is set for May 1st, while the HTC One will see it's T-Mobile release date sometime in April.

Both the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 will cost $99 - like the iPhone5 and this will be a down payment of sorts, similar to the plan for the iPhone 5.

With lower prices and reliable service, I can definitely see T-Mobile giving competitors like Verizon and AT&T a run for their money, or if at the very least, may serve as a catalyst to regulate the overinflated prices of cell-phone service in general.

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