Hello friends! Well I've gotten a bit behind on my jailbreak tweak reporting but here I am again ready to bring you more of the best new jailbreak tweaks making their debut in the Cydia store March 20th -26th. Most of the tweaks I feature are compatible with the iOS 6 jailbreak and the iPhone 5 but those for lower systems are included as well. Enjoy!

Auto App Updater

So Auto App Updater is another tweak example that shows how having a jailbroken device makes life so much easier. With this tweak installed all your updates for all your app store apps take place automatically so you never have to worry about updating them ever again! The App Updater takes care of it automatically and then notifies you when new updates have been installed. This tweak is available for those running iOS 6.1 or iOS 6.1.2 jailbreak and allows for configuring update schedules, limiting updates to only take place when connected to Wi-Fi and some other useful features. The tweak is now live on Cydia for free in the modmyi repo.


This is a brand new lockscreen animation jailbreak tweak compatible with iOS 5.1 - 6.1.2 jailbreak and comes to us from HASHBANG productions. This tweak upon install is up and ready to go and requires no configuring. So what does it do? Basically is add a new unlock animation in the form of two sliding doors. It's a simple tweak but a little something fun for those who enjoy animations, and definitely lets onlookers know your phone is jailbroken. This tweak is live in the Cydia store in the BigBoss repo and probably one of the best tweaks for this week.


Another simple tweak but one many may enjoy having installed, BadgeClearer basically gives you the option to get rid of notification badges, but doesn't disable them. You can choose which apps you want the badges to disappear on simply by selecting "clear" in the popup screen when the tweak launches. This tweak is free and presumably available for all iOS jailbreaks and devices. It is live on Cydia in the BigBoss repo.


This new widget/tweak is available for those utilizing an iOS 5x or iOS 6x jailbreak and features an animated flip clock that shows up in the notification center of an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The tweak is 99 cents in the Cydia store and available through Big Boss Repo.

Messages PlugIn for iPrivacy

Okay this new plugin I can see a lot of teenagers going for though personally myself it's nothing I would ever use. Basically with this plugin in, users can hide al conversations or just those from certain contacts and add a passcode lock before a new message can be sent. It also can redirect messages to another application -particularly those from you "secret contacts" and replace sender names with your own custom name. Yeah, if you are thinking teens and cheaters, you are on the same page as me, but nonetheless it seems pretty ingenious. All options are configured in the settings menu and the tweak is live now on Cydia in the BigBoss repo for just 1.99


Okay, so apparently someone got really annoyed with those pop ups saying "this forum has an app" because the creator of TapAShutup tweak has worked out a way to stop those popups from annoying him any longer. If these are also a pet peeve for you then download this tweak and install it. It's free on Cydia in the Big Boss repo and appears to be available for all jailbroken devices.


Okay for those of you who are coaches, runners or need to use a stopwatch frequently for other reasons, then Stoppur may be useful to you. This tweak, made for iOS 6 and above jailbreak allows users to place a stopwatch on the lockscreen making it quickly accessible anytime. The tweak is live on Cydia for 99 cents in the BigBoss repo

Music HUD

This tweak offers quick information on the Heads Up Display about the song that is currently playing, including a picture of the song from the album. In addition you can choose to have album, title and artist displayed as well. This tweak is live on Cydia in the BigBoss repo and appears to be available for all iOS jailbreaks and devices.

Wake Info

This tweak is probably one of the best I've seen released in the last week as it maximizes your alarm clock experience. Compatible with iOS 5 and iOS 6 jailbreaks, this tweak gives you a number of information options upon waking up, including a list of your task for the day, the number of unread emails you have, weather information and more, all in a spoken message or in banners. I haven't had a chance to fully test out all the features but the little bit I have played with it, it seems a pretty awesome tweak all around. The tweak is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo now.


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