The Blackberry 10 release date was almost an afterthought last night at Best Buy Theater in the heart of NYC where the Candadian tech-dinosaur showed the world it still knows how to party. Did Blackberry throw the best smartphone launch event of all time? Janelle Monae, Ludicrous, Questlove and a 5-hour open bar say yes.

Blackberry was party central last night, successfully creating a club-like atmosphere just a block away from Times Square by filling the Best Buy Theater with free booze, experimental cuisine, bass heavy dance music and a world class lineup of live performances. But before we show you everything you missed out on last night we should probably talk about the smartphone itself, which was also on display at the party.

Blackberry Z10 Release Date, Specs, Features & Price:

-Redesigned BlackBerry 10 operating system

-4.2-inch screen

-2 megapixel display

-1.5ghz dual core processor

-16 GB memory with microSD slot for increasing storage

-Dual cameras on front and rear

-Release date set for March 22 on AT&T, March 26 on T Mobile and March 28 on Verizon.

-Price: $199.99 with two-year service contract

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here's our Vine video recap of the Blackberry 10 release party, featuring looping six-second videos recorded by both me and the talented Matt Agronin.

The first thing you noticed when you got the event was that the food and drink were really flowing. Opens bars were positioned in pretty much every room offering a selection of beers, wine and a clever mixed drink called a "Blackberry Fizz." There was also lots of fancy food: molecular gastronomy mozzarella spheres and freezing cold popcorn, pork buns, and a rack of hanging pizza slices:

Soon the main event started, and no, it wasn't a long boring speech detailing the Blackberry Z10's may specs and features. Instead we got an extremely brief welcome from the company president before the night really began as Janelle Monae burst onto the state, performing a classic Jackson 5 cover before moving through a handful of her own original songs:

Next up were indie rockers "Young the Giant." To be honest their set was pretty boring. It was 10 pm. Next up was some unknown DJ with "special guests." I conferred with my fellow IBT Media tech reporters and we decided to head home and call it a night.

So we left, and looking around online it looks like everyone at the Blackberry party was unimpressed by "Young the Giant." Their set barely made a blip on social media. Here's music video though, it's ok:

Once I got home the first thing I did was check Twitter to see what happened after I left the party. I wasn't expecting to have missed much, just a dance party and maybe a short performance by some unknown rapper. I clearly underestimated the power of Blackberry.

Those lucky people who stuck around until the end of the night were treated to live performances by southern rap legend Ludacris and Questlove (of The Roots as well as his recent NYU course on classic albums). Thankfully in the age of the internet you can miss the live music experience of a lifetime and still get to watch it on your smartphone in six second loops:

WARNING: Ludacris's lyrics are not safe for sensitive ears (he uses the B word and also possibly the S word but it's hard to tell).

Special thanks to @magronin for shooting the best Vines of the night.

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