Okay so you wouldn't think a Texas woman describing a hailstorm in an interview could really be all that funny, but in a recent YouTube offering sure to become a viral video sensation, we find just that as Michelle Clark, describes a hailstorm that hit on Tuesday evening. Michelle Clark is a Brookshire resident, a town just west of Houston, Texas that saw an intense hailstorm hit this week.

Man! Those jokers was big!" exclaimed Clark to a KPRC reporter. "Size of a quarter, doggone!"

The storm, it seems, was frightful indeed as according to KHOU of Houston, "homes suffered broken windows and many cars were dinged by the falling ice. The hail smashed windows at nearly all the apartments in one complex."

The hail fell in such a massive amount, many resident's described it as looking like snow piled all around as they assessed the damages to cars, homes and other belongings.

Though certainly the damage done is something concerning to all involved, it's really hard to think about that actually as you watch one interview that emerged where Clark describes her experience in the hailstorm.

When asked what the sound was like the woman declared in a loud and animated fashion that made this interview go viral,

" It was like KABOOYOW, KABOOYOW! And boy that hail just came in and I look out my, opened my door and looked out my door, and it started hitting me in the head!"

The woman goes on to say, with a satisfied smirk,

"I took off running and ran to the rest room, and then I called my momma to see if she was she alright"

This Texas woman's  hailstorm interview in and of itself entertaining enough, putting us in mind of other classic television interview bloopers like Antoine Dodson and the "Bed Intruder" which went mega-viral in 2010.

The "Bed Intruder" video was made even more popular by an autotune version that emerged soon after the original.

It appears Michelle Clark's "Kabooyow! Kabooyow!" description of the hailstorm will follow the same viral pattern as already someone has taken the meme-like clip and autotuned it, only adding tot the entertaining nature of the YouTube video.

It seems YouTubers are not the only ones who appreciate a good and enthusiastic interviewee. It seems reporters get a kick out of a lively participant as well. After the interview went viral here is what one writer for mediate.com had to say:

"As a former television producer who has experienced many hours on the street trying to find interesting people to say interesting things about various news stories, I'd like to salute Clark and present her as a model for you all to copy. Next time you see a lowly cameraman, sound tech, and a guy/girl holding a microphone, please do your best to be simply awesome. Thank you."

Take a look at the videos both "Kabooyow, Kabooyow" original and the autotune version, and I think you'll find what that former producer had to say about Michelle and her "Kabooyow" description of the hailstorm is exactly what all of us would like to see in the news we watch. People, being themselves, being real, while also being really entertaining.