Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 -- Quite different in features and specs but still can be seen as competitors. Depending on what you are looking for each has some great features and specs to offer.

Last fall when the Lumia 920 was first released, I have to say it was pretty impressive. A first Windows 8 phone coming in vibrant colors and with dazzling features such as wireless charging and augmented reality, I have to admit, I considered purchasing one myself. However, as time has worn on it seems Nokia and the Lumia have been hard pressed to compete against the monster-sized competitors such as Samsung and Apple's operating systems, the iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean. Now with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, bringing with it some bells and whistles sure to turn a few eyes, many are curious, just how the Lumia 920 holds up against this new competitor.

Though the Galaxy S4 and the Lumia 920 are very nearly in entirely different playing fields, still, each phone may hold some advantages for those who seek certain features or price points.

Here is our best breakdown of the relevant specs and features for the Lumia 920 vs. Galaxy S4

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 1: Screen Size and Resolution

Okay when looking at this spec, if bigger is better, then the Galaxy S4 is a clear winner. The S4's has a 5-inch, super AMOLED screen with 441ppi and 1920x1080 px resolution.

The Lumia 920 on the other hand has a 4.5-inch screen with 332-ppi and 1280x 768 resolution. The Lumia 920 is said to have better display technology and incidentally still manages to beat out the iPhone 5 in both screen size and resolution so it must not be too shabby.

Though the Lumia 920 doesn't come equipped with an AMOLED display, still the screen is a very bright, PureMotion IPS screen displaying natural looking colors and movements are much clearer.

For those who like bright, even if it's not so natural, the S4 is definitely going to catch the attention. With highly saturated colors, at such a high resolution, it definitely seems to onlooker to be the brighter screen.

Still looking at the specs, they aren't so terribly different from one another, and in my opinion most consumers would be pleased with either.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 2: Camera

This is an area where the Lumia 920 has repeatedly been touted as King of the Hill and though the Galaxy S4 launched stating some impressive sounding camera specs, still, they aren't so amazing as to completely drowned out the 920. The Lumia 920 comes equipped with an 8.7 megapixel rear camera while the Galaxy S4 boasts a 13 MP rear. Yes it seems clear the S4 is the winner, but you have to take into account, that in addition to the 8.7 MP, the Lumia 920 offers good supporting tools to make best use of those megapixels, including the Carl Zeiss optics and optical image stabilization. The S4's 13MPX camera probably won't be able to take better picture because of its small camera sensor that could cause blurrier pictures in dark conditions. Also, the S4 lacks image stabilization, so low-light pictures that are quality, are basically out of the question. The Lumia 920 has repeatedly proven itself the best against its competitors and I think it will still come out on top even against the much-lauded Galaxy S4

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 3: Body and Build

Okay, here I think it's just a matter of preference. Both the Nokia and the Samsung smartphone are made with a polycarbonate housing, though Lumia features 6 brilliant colors that I was nuts about the first time I saw them. The S4 is more sensible coming in two frosted shades of black and white. The S4 is lighter, than the Lumia 920 130g and 185g respectively. However most who have handled the Lumia 920 will tell you it feels sturdier. Again this point here is debatable. It really will be up to user preference.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 4: Software Features

In terms of software, this is really like comparing apples to oranges. You have Windows 8 vs. Android Jelly Bean. An app store with 150,000 apps compared with the 750,000 in the Android store. You have "dazzle" features like the City lens an augmented reality software that gives dynamic information about users' surroundings using the camera and turn-by-turn voice navigation, but really all that can be found using anything on Google for android. Though Samsung has brought out some new features like the SmartPause and Touchless Navigation, most are saying they aren't sure how much value this brings to the device. I think the biggest disparity most will find is the availability of apps in the app store.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsug Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 5: Battery Life

The battery capacity for the Galaxy S4 is higher by 600mAh. The Lumia 920's battery capacity is 2,000mAh while the Galaxy S4 holds 2,600mAh - Most have reported the Lumia does have battery issues under high use and averages between 6-8 hours while at best, 10 hours. The Galaxy S4 we really don't know how it will fare, though it clearly has the battery power advantage, there may also be additional features sunning on the S4 which could eat away at battery life as well. The Lumia 920 comes equipped with wireless charging capability, but as we know, the Galaxy S4 is to feature this as well. It's too early really to do a proper comparison of the two so on battery this is one we'll have to "wait and see" on.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 6: Hardware and Storage

In terms of hardware and storage, Galaxy S4 is superior, coming with a 1.9 GHz processor while the Lumia 920 has a 1.5 GHz, 2 GB of Ram as opposed to 1GB in the Nokia phone and 16, 32 or 64 GB expandable micro SD card for the S4 while the Lumia 920 comes with 32 GB flash storage and is non -expandable.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Spec Comparison 7: Price Point

The final point, which may be the decision maker for many, is price. The Galaxy S4 we don't know the price of but if we look at past releases, it's a pretty safe bet to say it will come in at $199. The Lumia 920 however is just a quarter of that price, at 49.99 and even today I've seen reports of the price slashed down to 19.99 on Amazon. So when you compare prices and specs, depending what your needs and budget are, each is a good choice.

Overall if you are looking for flashy, new and mainstream, go S4. If you are looking at reliable, budget minded and low-key with solid features, I'd choose the Nokia Lumia 920

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