So with the mobile tech season warming up Apple fanboys everywhere are getting excited about the upcoming iPad 5 release date. Though no official word has yet come from Apple regarding when the next iPad, the iPad 5 would release, here are the top 5 rumors swirling around concerning its 2013 release date, and specs to expect.

iPad 5 Release Date Rumor 1: Second Quarter Reveal

About a month ago there was some buzz about a developer event Apple was supposedly to hold in which many believed we would see the unveil of an iPad 5, launching Apple into it's new tech season, but up to this point, that has not come to fruition. Still, some analysts believe the possibility of seeing an iPad 5 reveal within the second quarter is quite probable.

According to Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray,

"Looking at the history of time between Apple product launch events suggests that the company will introduce something new in March or April ... over the past two years, the Spring event has been iPad updates."

This of course would be great timing considering Galaxy S4 was just unveiled on Thursday at Samsung's UNPACKED event, quite definitely stealing all the limelight at this point in time.

If Apple comes out within the next month with something truly amazing and exciting to show us combined with an early summer release date for the iPad 5, it just might get consumer juices flowing and excited for the upcoming unveil of an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6-whatever the next iteration of Apple's smartphone will be.

iPad 5 Release Date Rumored Spec 2: Wireless/Solar Charging Case

So this rumored spec right here is probably the most exciting to me, and could definitely provide some of the innovative "gee whiz" factor peoplehave come to love in Apple over the years. So to get down to it, Apple has recently submitted a patent, which outlines a new iPad Smart Cover which would hold not only battery cells, it would also allow for wireless charging capabilities and in a true stroke of genius a series of solar cells that would allow the iPad 5 to run and charge with sunlight. Though Apple is notorious for submitting patents it doesn't use, this is one I really hope to see come about. It could definitely be a huge selling point in a market where price is often the number one considered factor, and as we know the iPad 5 likely wont be the cheapest tablet we can find.

iPad 5 Release Date Rumored Spec 3: Camera and Speaker Relocation

So this spec here just attest to some ways Apple may be looking to freshen up the design of the new iPad 5. The iPad hasn't seen an update for a while now so it's definitely due one. Last week PatentlyApple showed off a photo that is purportedly the next iPad design, featuring a speaker on the back and the camera in the middle rather than the left corner of the device.

iPad 5 Release Date Rumored Spec 4: New Intel or A7 Chip

Well there is definitely plenty of speculation when it comes to what to expect in terms of iPad 5 chip specs. A report by Reuters last month suggested Apple may be looking to Intel to begin custom designing its chips, allowing the iOS/OSX creator to break ties even more definitively with rival company Samsung. Though these talks have been going on for about a year now, no conclusion has yet been reached.

Still it seems highly likely, if nothing else the new iPad will certainly receive an update to its hardware, including the possibility of an A7 chip. The current iPad 4 has an A6X chipset-based processor-much like the iPhone 5. In addition thee could be better 2GB RAM and an option for 128GB of memory.

iPad 5 Release Date Rumored Spec 5: iPad Mini-Like Body

Finally, from pictures of leaked cases and other rampant rumors, it seems highly likely the iPad will closely resemble the body of the iPad Mini and may even surprisingly see a slim down or at least slightly lighter weight for the next iteration of Apple iPad tablet.

While there is no solid evidence yet of any of these rumors, once we do see something of this nature surface, be assured we will update you with the latest on the iPad 5 release date, specs and features.

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