2013 is the year of new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6 and the past few days we've seen several pop up, so as usual, here is my quick round up of what's new for iOS 6 in the jailbreak tweak store, Cydia. Hope you enjoy what I've found.

Harlem Shake

So the first new Cydia tweak I HAD to show you if you haven't already seen it or used it 50,000 times to entertain your friends and kids is a purely for fun tweak by Filippo Biggarella called the Harlem Shake. Basically what this tweak does is when set up in activator, a chosen gesture sets the tweak into action at which time, the Harlem Shake music begins and soon all your homescreen apps begin doing the Harlem Shake. This tweak is truly the coolest most brilliant tweak idea we've seen in a while and one that definitely says to onlooker, "Hey lookie here, my iPhone is jailbroken!" A MUST HAVE free tweak for fun and coolness factor, live on Cydia now.

Mail Enhancer Pro iOS 6

Okay, I'm gonna tell you right up front, this is one of the more expensive tweaks on Cydia, coming in a $4.99. but I would say it appears to have enough features to be worth it. This tweak, compatible with both iOS 5 and the IOS 6 jailbreak basically turns your mailbox into what it should be, giving you a variety of features that frankly should have been a part of the native system. Some of those features include the ability to create and store multiple signatures, create rule for various emails, create custom notifications such as various sounds, pop ups, vibration patterns and other identifying features. You can also set the tweak to announce emails with the address book names ,highlight mail in your inbox or do quick actions like "select all" or show all unread. It's just a good way to beef up your email on mobile if it's important to you, The tweak is on Cydia now in the BigBoss repo.


This is a pretty cool tweak that I think should definitely become a native feature of iOS in the future but basically it allows users to set up a "guest" account for use of your phone just like you can on a personal computer. This way you an allow someone other than yourself to use your phone without gaining access to sensitive information photos, and other personal effects. The way it works is simple: you have two lock codes. One for the guest mode and one for personal use. The tweak is free and functional with both the i)S 5 and iOS 6 jailbreak. It is live now on Cydia in the Big Boss repo.


A really awesome tweak compatible with both the iOS 5 and iOS 6 jailbreak, and an upgrade from the popular AudioExplorer free version which allows users to locate audio files on their iOS devices and turn them into ringtones or play them in other apps. The update is meant to be faster. The authors also note that ore features re coming to this deluxe version of the tweak like the ability to convert the audio file as well as support for ID3 tags which can be edited. It should be noted however, at this time, ringtones can only be created fro those on an iOS 5 jailbreak. This tweak is live in the BigBoss repo

Raise To Call

This tweak I like because, being that I work online a lot of my communication is done through text and chat, but occasionally I might just need to actually hear my co-workers voice, or have a longer conversation than my two fingers feel like typing. With this tweak, when a new SMS message comes in, if you simply life the phone to your ear, it will automatically call the phone number that just texted you. Pretty cool huh? Just one more way jailbreaking makes my life simpler and my iPhone cooler. The tweak is 1.99 on Cydia and available for iOS 6 and above devices. It is found in the Big Boss repo.

TapTap Pass


This is another new activator add on that allows users to assign a gesture for locking their device. A simple Cydia tweak for all iOS devices including those on iOS 6. Not sure if it's one I would use but it may be one you would enjoy. The tweak is live on Cydia in the modmyi repo.

Private Space


Okay for those of you who are a bit old-fashioned (or not) and just get sick of social media sharing every part of your life this tweak can disable it all, including social sharing features found in iOS 6 like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. For those who like their privacy, here is your Private Space -enjoy. This tweak is free and live on Cydia through the BigBoss repo.


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