Though this month most of the hype concerning tech release dates has surrounded the Galaxy S4, still the iPad Mini 2, a second iteration of Apple's debut iPad mini, is gaining a lot of attention and according to a recent survey on, a daily deal aggregator, interest in the iPad mini 2 release date has increased significantly, from 18% back in September when the Apple tablet was first announced to a near doubling to 33% in March when the survey was conducted.

With such a jump in interest it seems pretty clear Apple must have done something right when it created the smaller more affordable iPad alternative, the iPad mini.

Below is a listing of things consumers have said they hope to see come as standard specs in the iPad Mini 2 as well as rumors to support the possibility that those features may surface.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumor 1: Early Release Date

Though we have no solid evidence that states when the iPad Mini 2 2013 release date might take place, we've seen a number of reports stating that it would fall in either the first or second quarter of 2013. With the first quarter nearly behind us, and no noticeable buzz or "leaks" emerging, I'd say that's pretty much out of the question, but Q2 is still very much in the running. With the increased demand for the iPad mini 2 and the way Samsung has been among up its arsenal of competitive devices including newbies like the Note 8, it seems highly likely we will see a late spring to early summer release date for the iPad mini 2. Last year the iPad Mini was released as a sidekick to the iPad 4, and so we can make a guess that the latest iPad Mini 2 will probably release next to the iPad 5. Our best bet then might be to look out for signs the iPad 5 is on it's way as so far there have been a few, including talk of new back covers with wireless charging capabilities. Of course with that in mind, a lot are putting money on a late October release, but it doesn't hurt to stay optimistic I suppose.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumor 2: Price

So in terms of price, the iPad Mini released in 2012 with a very nice price point putting it easily in competition with other rival devices like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire tablets. Though it came in more expensive than competitors $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, still this is not a bad starting point. The iPad mini 2 may see a slightly higher price, closer to the $399 range however, upon release due to more high quality features such as retina display and upgraded processor that are very likely to be added.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumor 3: Display and Camera Specs

According to the survey cited above,

76% of those surveyed wanted a USB Port, 71% wanted better speakers, 53% wanted it to be more light weight, 48% would like a thinner device and 47% hope for multiple user accounts

Here's how we see the iPad Mini 2 release date specs panning out. It likely will won't likely veer too far from the specs on the original iPad Mini, which includes a 7.9-inch screen but the big upgrade everyone expects is the Retina display - something the iPad Mini missed out on. Some rumors say it will include a screen resolution upgrade to 235ppi screen, with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, but there are other reports which suggest it could be as powerful as 324ppi, which would position it as the sharpest 7-inch tablet on the market. Retina displays with high resolutions have been a huge selling point of other recent Apple devices such as the MacBook pro, the iPad and iPhone 5, I wouldn't be surprised to see it come to the iPad Mini 2 on its release date.

In addition a iSight camera setup could be in the works with some nice features like 1080p video recording and an 8-megapixel sensor which would boost the battery to up to 10 hours of use on the new iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumor 4: Processor Specs and Features

In response to the call for a processor upgrade several sources seem to think an A5X like in the iPad 3 or even an A6 like the iPhone 5 could be in the iPad Mini 2 specs. The wildcard of course could be the yet unseen A7 dual-core processor.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumor 5: Body Specs and Features

Likely there will be no real change in the iPad Mini 2 body other than the possibility that it could be a little sleeker and lighter as some users are hoping. Apple could trim down the bodywork a bit perhaps bringing it down a bit, but my thinking is 7.2mm on the iPad Mini is already pretty slim. If Gorilla Glass 2 is incorporated it could reduce the weight of the device somewhat as well as perhaps lighter internal materials as was the case in the iPhone 5, which came in somewhat lighter than the iPhone 4S, though having additional length and screen size.

Though it's really to early to call any bets at this point, we'll keep an eye out for any solid evidence that an iPad Mini 2 release date is near as well as update you on any rumored specs which emerge.


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