The build-up for the Galaxy S4 launch release date has been monumental indeed as daily new rumored specs seem to fly at us at break-neck speeds. Add to that the hype Samsung itself has built for the UNPACKED event starting Thursday night at 7pm EST. From the unveiling of possible features at the CES 2013 conference about a month ago to the teaser videos revealing nothing yet serving to build excitement in the masses one thing is for sure Thursday night will be a big night no tech savvy smartphone owner will want to miss.

Galaxy S4 Launch Date Ads Trumped By LG

Even with competitors like LG launching counter attacks like the one we saw this morning in Time Square where Samsung's UNPACKED advertisements, boldly states "Be ready 4 the next Galaxy" are trumped by LG message just above "LG Optimus is here 4 you now", still no one can deny that we're all pretty excited to see what features and rumored specs will actually be a part of the unveil of the Galaxy S4.

With less than half a day till the launch of the Galaxy S4 and Samsung's UNPACKED event, it seems some new leaks have emerged which may very likely be our first real glimpse of the rumored specs on the flagship Samsung smartphone.

Galaxy S4 Release Date Specs Leaked in YouTube Videos

Early Thursday morning, a set of purportedly leaked videos showed up on YouTube, and if they are legit, feature some pretty amazing, yet expected new controls for the Galaxy SIV. These include specs and features like a smart pause system and touch-free control.

If you haven't heard about the SmartPause system, it falls right in line with innovations users delighted themselves with in the last GalaxyS3 model - The SmartStay system. With SmartStay, when users looked away from the screen, the screen would dim into sleep mode, but perk right back up as soon as it detected the users eyes were back on the screen. The new smart pause system adds to that by seeming to detect when the user looks away from a screen and pausing whatever video may be playing after a few seconds. This to me is just brilliant-so you never have to miss anything just because you had to get up for more popcorn or to settle a fight between the kids.

We also have heard a lot of rumored specs reports for the Galaxy S4 saying that the newest Samsung flagship smartphone will include touchless navigation and these videos seem to support that. Showcasing that as a finger hovers over an image without touching the screen, a preview is instantly opened. Another video also shows the ability to navigate between pages, scrolling up and down without actually touching the phone - you simple have to swipe in mid air.

Of course in addition to the "leaked" specs, it's also a pretty sure deal that the SIV will feature a 4.99-inch HD display with 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution and 441ppi. The S4 will come equipped with Samsung's latest eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor. The price will likely come in at $199 with a two-year contract. The S4 release date is projected anywhere from a week to by the end of the month.

Galaxy S4 Release Date Launch: What Time Is It and Where to Watch the Live Stream

Of course these videos could all be a sham and those rumored specs may be nothing like what we will actually see revealed in the galaxy SIV today, but ether way, they definitely give us something fun to entertain ourselves with while we wait, patiently or impatiently for the launch of the S4 at Samsung's UNPACKED event tonight in New York. The Galaxy S4 release date launch time 7pm EST so don't miss out! Below you can find the video link to the Galaxy S4 release launch Live Stream below if you must watch it from a distance.

Live stream videos at Ustream

Happy Thursday all and hope we get what we hope for in the Samsung Galaxy S4.