The PS4 vs. Xbox 720 release date race has begun, with Sony and Microsoft battling to design the best next-gen gaming console. Both systems are expected to launch in fall 2013, but which is best for hard-core gamers? Read on for more PS4 vs Xbox 720 release date news, specs and price rumors.

So in the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 release date battle, which console should hard-core gamers be more excited about? Well, the next PlayStation has been called a temple to gaming following their much hyped special event last month. Meanwhile, indie gaming develop and demigod Jonathan Blow (who unveiled his latest game at the PlayStation's event) told Edge in a recent interview that Microsoft cares less about gaming than its Japanese competitor.

"To me they talk about a console that is not strictly about games," said Blow, who's PlayStation exclusive "The Witness" will debut this fall alongside the PS4 release date. "It's trying to be the center of the living room device, which is fine and maybe it's the right thing for Microsoft to do, business-wise."

That's a tough burn on Microsoft from Blow, he has clearly already chosen a side in the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 release date battle.

"As a place to put the best, highest performing version of our game on, it doesn't seem as good a choice," he added. Burned again Ballmer!

Blow's decision to pick Sony over Microsoft in the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 release date war apparently stems from an earlier negative experience with the Virginia-based company.

"I've had a bad time working with Microsoft in the past," Blow told Edge. "Maybe not super bad, but a moderately bad time in terms of business relationships. Other developers who are friends of mine have had a horrible time, so the idea of signing up again with Microsoft isn't something I'd have ruled out, but there's a certain amount of dread I have about doing that again. I don't have that with Sony. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be just as bad at the end! But I don't think so. The people we're talking to on a daily basis there are just really good people, and we're happy to work with them. We'll see how it goes."

Following Sony's special PlayStation announcement last month the PS4 vs Xbox 720 release date race started to really heat up. The question now is when Microsoft will hit back with a launch event of their own. One thing we do know, is that Microsoft was caught off guard and is likely scrambling to catch up.

"We definitely ruffled some feathers," an anonymous senior Sony official told (CVG).

With the Xbox 720 vs. PS4 release date battle gearing up and Sony having already drawn first blood, Microsoft will be looking to level the playing field as soon as possible.

"It is said that Microsoft will now showcase its console at a one-off media event in April - though it is expected that discussion about future tech would be an inevitability if Microsoft engineers and developers attend GDC in March," writes CVG's Rob Crossley.

Either way, the Xbox 720 vs PS4 release date war is far from over, and it looks like Microsoft is gearing up for a response. Rumors are flying after a user on NeoGAF forums discovered a newly-registered website domain called, suggesting that the company is planning something big.

So is the Xbox 720 vs PS4 release date battle a race, a game of chicken, or a choreographed dance? Despite the obvious competition between Sony and Microsoft, it looks like the two tech titans may launch their redesigned consoles at the same time this fall.

According to a recent article from MCV UK, the Xbox 720 and PS4 release dates will "align." The report cites a meeting between EA and its investors where the company suggested that the two redesigned consoles will hit stores at around the same time in fall 2013.

The Xbox 720 vs PS4 specs battle was also mentioned by EA. The company claims that both redesigned systems will be eight to ten times more powerful under the hood than their predecessors, according to PlayStationLifeStyle.

"We no longer have to constrain our games," EA revealed. "1080p, 60fps... [there will be a] level of gameplay that is unprecedented."

Although the Xbox 720 and PS4 release date may still be far away, we expect by both Microsoft and Sony to unveiled their new designs at E3 2013. With the entire gaming world watching, the expo will be the best place for Sony and Microsoft duke it out in front of the world.

Sony PS4 Specs:

-8GB of RAM

-1.84 teraflops

-Backwards compatibility uncertain

Microsoft Xbox 720 Specs:

-8 GB of RAM

-1.23 teraflops

-May block used games

-Blu-ray drive

-No backwards compatibility

PS4 vs. Xbox 720 price speculation:

The price for the both PS4 and Xbox 720 remain secrets. When Sony witheld the information at their announcement last month gamer began to worry that we might be headed towardsanother sky-high PlayStation launch price.

However, it's possible that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 price could fall under $400. Over on Reddit, an anonymous console developer has leaked pricing information, revealing that both Sony and Microsoft could make a profit of each sale without raising the price about $400, OXCGN reported. The alleged insider claims that the systems will range in price from $300 to $350 in cost.


That's it for Xbox 720 vs PS4 release date news, specs and price rumors today, but come back soon for all the latest updates as Microsoft and Sony continue to duke it out.