Facebook has revealed its updated News Feed layout to the world - and the new design may be a little shocking to Facebook devotees.

The California-based company says it wants to make an effort to unify design on all of platforms: desktop, tablet and phone. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook's goal with the news feed is to "give everyone in the world the best personalized newspaper we can." There's no release date attached to the announcement but the News Feed change will roll out gradually, beginning today.

On Facebook's site there is a wait list you can join to get the updated News Feed quicker. This only applies to the website version, however. Facebook says the apps for iPhone iPad and Android are coming soon.

The updates to Facebook's News Feed come as no shock to investors following the company, as execs have made it clear that the company's focus is changing. Photos are now larger, with text overlaid for a cleaner look to the overall page. The new design is very clearly inspired by mobile, especially when looking at the new sidebar on the left.

On thing to note in this preview of the news feed is a stunning lack of ads. While the amount of space lends to the clean look of the site, adding advertisements may be change that. Hopefully Facebook found a way to throw in sponsored stories and keep things tidy.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook's users react to the changes made to the News Feed. The changes made have led to a cleaner, more appealing interface though Facebook users traditionally don't react well to different layouts. When Facebook introduced their News Ticker, for example, many wanted to get rid of it. The News Feed was originally released with a great deal of backlash - at the time we had never seen anything like it on a social network. Though now it's hard to imagine Facebook without a News Feed.

While Facebook has dealt with backlash from new features before, it has yet to be seen whether users like the new design. Once the updated News Feed layout launches, we're sure that will change.