Last week on "Pretty Little Liars", we discover more about the girls' relationship with Jason, CeCe and Detective Wilden.

The "Pretty Little Liars" girls convene at the coffee shop where Emily works to piece together clues, including trying to identify the girl in the red coat. Detective Wilden sidetracks them when he comes in and accuses Jason of spreading rumors about him. He probably didn't take too kindly to Jason speculating the photo of Alison in Cape May was taken on Wilden's boat.

Hanna and Ashley are out for a walk when they spot Detective Wilden pressuring CeCe to get into his car. All signs point to a dangerous partnership between the two suspicious characters. Hanna comes clean to Ashley about what she knows about CeCe and the illicit relationship between Wilden and Ali.

Wren asks Spencer out on a date to dinner and she accepts. It goes well and the two share a kiss outside the restaurant. Things get interesting when the 'girl in the red coat' sees the two kissing. Spencer tries to chase her, but fails.

Aria is blindsided when Mrs. Fitzgerald thanks her for being nice to Wes and Ezra, but our hopes for reconciliation are dashed when Aria spots Ezra and Mrs. Fitzgerald arguing about her and Malcolm. Aria is impressed by Ezra's confidence when he stands up to her.

Hanna investigates who bought the Queen of Hearts costume at the Rosewood Costume Shop and drags Paige and Emily along with her. They don't get anywhere until Emily sneaks behind the counter and e-mails herself a list of Queen of Hearts costume purchases.

A strikes again, this time at Spencer, when she traps her in a steam room. When the fog clears, she sees written on the bathroom mirror in the steam: "Steamy with Wren. Steamy with me -A". Spencer immediately tells Aria she knows who is helping Mona and to alert Emily and Hanna.

CeCe confesses to Emily that she is not sure about the relationship between Ali and Detective Wilden, but who's to say for sure what CeCe knows? CeCe does prove to be helpful when she unveils that Melissa took the photo of Ali, Wilden and CeCe in Cape May.

Wilden tails Ashley in his car and pulls her over, begging her to keep Hanna quiet about what she knows, including threatening her. Ashley gets scared, but Wilden won't move out of the way, forcing Ashley to run the Detective over.

When Ashley sees Hanna, they return to the scene of the crime where Detective Wilden's body is suspiciously missing. Always the girls to be caught on tape in compromising situations, the camera in Wilden's car records their return to the crime scene.

FINAL SCENE: An A Team member chops flowers and creating a bouquet with an emblem that reads" With Deepest Sympathy".

In "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind", Hanna helps her mom in the wake of Ashley's hit-and-run and Detective Wilden's resulting disappearance.

See A Video Clip From "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"

Emily refuses to accept Spencer's warnings about Toby, and Aria refuses to accept Ezra's new role as a father in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind". Emily believes that Toby loved Spencer at one point and thinks something happened for Toby to move over to the dark side.

Spencer's role in the action becomes paramount as all the "Pretty Little Liars" girls are now keen to Toby's double-life. Toby's betrayal causes Spencer to become more protective of her friends. Spencer will do anything to keep them safe... including going after A herself.

In "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind", the following characters have scenes together:

- Emily and Shana

- Spencer and Andrew

- Mona and Jenna

- Toby and Mona (the two discuss their 'A' plans together)

See A Video Clip From "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"

Spencer has an encounter with Toby. Meanwhile, we see a new side of Ezra (perhaps in his new patriarchal role). Ezra and Aria share a scene with Ezra's son Malcolm, which will prove to be interesting. Spencer chases Mona through the woods. Like Mona, Spencer may end up at Radley herself.

Spencer receives a wreath of flowers with a ribbon saying "Deepest Sympathy" on it, while Hanna holds a leaflet with a picture of Toby on the front. Could this be the wreath we saw the A Team assemble in the last few moments of last week's episode?

Pretty Little Liars tweeted that someone will die in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 3, Episode 21 "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind". Is it Toby, Detective Wilden, or someone we least expect?

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