It hasn't even been a week, but new comments from a Sony executive suggest that the PlayStation 4 release date might not be coming to the "big three" gaming regions (United States, Europe, Japan) during the 2013 holiday season as previously planned.

Last month, Edge Magazine claimed issues with European distribution would likely force Sony to push the region's PlayStation 4 release date back to early 2014, and a new Digital Spy interview with Fergal Gara has revealed the PlayStation 4 release date might be delayed in Europe despite Sony's prior claims otherwise. Gara didn't make the admission outright, instead tip-toeing around a question about the European PS4 launch with a general answer about Sony's global launch preparations, and saying that the console's release could eventually be "phased" into different regions over several months.

Many have criticized Sony for holding a PlayStation 4 unveiling without the new console actually being present, confirming that the announced tech specs are still subject to change, and all signs are pointing to Sony having announced a console that may not even be close to its finished state. That fact is particularly shocking given that Sony is already touting a Holiday 2013 PS4 release date, despite having not finalized the console's design or tech specs.

Surprisingly, Gara also said that Sony isn't certain that the redesign, dual-camera PlayStation Eye accessory will be bundled with the PS4 when the console launches later this year, despite Sony executives' implications during the PlayStation Meeting on February 20. He did reveal that there is still some hope for limited backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4 though, refusing to rule out the possibility of compatibility for non-Dualshock PlayStation 3 accessories.

It wasn't all bad news though. The SCEE UK managing director did say that the company plans to make any/every PS4 game with compatible controls will be playable on the PS Vita on gamers' home networks. Every game from the PlayStation 4 library will also be available for purchase as a digital download from PSN.  

The second-screen gaming functionality is likely to be extremely popular with gamers, who have largely responded quite positively to similar functionality on the Nintendo Wii U, despite that console's relatively meager sales up to this point. The rest of the PlayStation 4 release date news to emerge since last week's PS4 unveiling doesn't seem nearly as likely to sit well with gamers.

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