"New Girl" airs its 18th episode of its second season tonight and it's full of surprises!

Last week "New Girl" left us feeling more awkward than usual. Nick and Jess recently kissed and are dealing with the repercussions of their lip locking. But their weird behavior is put on hold when Schmidt announces that he has found a new parking spot.

All four roommates have horrific parking spots, which is why when they hear a decent one has become available they all flee to dub the spot theirs. Typical "New Girl" probz!

Winston ends up dropping out of the race for the parking spot first because Daisy (Brenda Song) from the bar calls him to hang out. Nick is the second one to bail on the spot leaving Jess and Schmidt feuding for the clutch parking spot. This results in Nick being the deciding factor of who the sought after spot will belong to.

Because Nick is so overwhelmed by the kiss he and Jess shared, he gives the spot to Schmidt. But the three of them end up racing to the parking spot to claim it for themselves.

Nick ends up telling Jess that their kiss was a mistake and she retires from the contest feeling hurt. In an effort to apologize, Nick says that it's hard for him to control his emotions around her. Just as things are about to get steamy, Schmidt ruins the moment ... obviously.

Winston ends up coming home upset because he never had a chance to hookup with Daisy due to his failed hunt for condoms and the parking spot is given to him, which ends up being too tight.

In episode 18 of Season 2 of "New Girl" Jess will catch the eye of a professional football player (who is played by guest stay Steve Howey from "Shameless"). Will Nick get super jealous of the hunky athlete?

Meanwhile Winston will try to land an exclusive interview for his radio station and Nick and Schmidt will argue over the planning of their "TinFinity" party. The "New Girl -- TinFinity" episode will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the buds living together.

But that's not all Schmidt is planning. The health-conscious character will surprise his love interest Cece as he seeks out an ex-girlfriend to make her jealous in episode 18. However, it was reported that Schmidt might find something more than a jealousy plot with his ex-flame.


During episode 18 of "New Girl," Schmidt is attempting to win the heart of Cece but creator Liz Meriwether states the Cece will be married by the end of Season 2. So where does that leave Schmidt during episode 18? He will knock on his ex's door where he will use her in his plot to make Cece end her quest for marriage and date him again.

Apparently the ex Schmidt is using to get back Cece during episode 18 is the girl who used to date him when he was bigger and reportedly "less douche-y." So we can expect Schmidt to get a face full of realism (and maybe pie) during the 18th episode.

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