Samsung's Galaxy S4 release date is just weeks away! The South Korean company has confirmed a special event on March 15 in NY amid rumors that the redesigned smartphone will feature a 3D camera. Read on for more Samsung Galaxy S4 release date news, features, specs and rumors.

The Galaxy S4 release date will be announced on March 14, 2013 at a special Samsung "Unpacked Event," our sister site iDigitalTimes confirmed yesterday. The launch will take place to much fanfare in New York City, where members of the press will get a first glimpse at the South Korean tech giant's "Next Big Thing."

Invitations to the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date event were sent out to the press on Sunday, and although the message didn't contain very much information CNET reveals that the focus will be the S4's specs and features:

Samsung is set to send out invitations this morning to a "Samsung Unpacked" event in New York for next month, CNET has learned. While the invitation contained little details, CNET has confirmed with a high-level executive that the Galaxy S4 will make its debut there.

The news of the Galaxy S4 release date comes during the 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference in Barcelona, and CNET notes that the announcement quickly overshadowed the annual tech gathering. Reporting from Spain, Roger Cheng writes:

Indeed, Samsung's tease will likely overshadow many of the other announcements at Mobile World Congress, which like the Consumer Electronics Show has seen its relevance diminish as the major players opt for their own announcements. HTC last week debuted its flagship One smartphone at its own global event in London and New York.

The Galaxy S4 release date will be the tech event of the year (at least for Samsung). The South Korean company has been duking it out with Apple over smartphone market share for over a year and the S4 will likely put even more pressure on Tim Cook to wow the world with his Cupertino-based company's next iPhone design.

Rumors that the Galaxy S4 release date will put 3D camera-equipped smartphones in the hands of Samsung's consumers are just the latest news suggesting the the redesigned Galaxy brand device will be a serious contender in the tech market.

According to recent report when the Galaxy S4 release date arrives it will feature something called the Samsung Orb, according to SamMobile. This new application will let users take "near 3D photos" as well as easily snap 360 panoramas. Overall, photo quality will be noticeably better and sharing will be easier than ever before.

SamMobile reported the latest Galaxy S4 release date news after discovering sample Samsung Orb photos on an unnamed engineer's Google+ account. Although the leaked pictures have since disappeared from the internet, the tech-blog was able to grab a copy and discern some key specs:

New test camera samples online that are taken with the Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9500 are confirming a 13 megapixel module. These pictures are taken on a resolution of 4128 x 2322 which is 9.6 megapixel, however a 13 megapixel will also take the same resolution photo's... When we read the information at the photo's we can suggest Samsung is going to use Sony's camera module which probably is the Sony Exmor RS. This sensor has already been used in Sony's latest flagship he Xperia Z. Sony is the only popular manufacturer making 1/3 sensors. Both Samsung and Omnivision have been using the standard 1/3.2 size for their sensors (which should correspond to a focal length of 3.6mm.) If Samsung is using the Exmor RS, expect some features like HDR Video recording, improved low light image quality and around 10fps burst rate.

The article goes on to note that a Samsung spokesperson confirmed the Galaxy S4 release date could feature the 3D camera technology. The anonymous insider described the new feature as "an almost three-dimensional viewing experience... even better than Photo Sphere, courtesy of the S4′s amazing camera."

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date just weeks away we already know a lot about the redesigned smartphone. Read on for more specs, features and rumors.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 release date will almost certainly introduce the octa-core Exynos 5 Octa processor, which features an eight-core chip. We got our first glimpse of Samsung's new processor at CES 2013:

If Samsung's claims concerning the Exynos 5 Octa processor are true then multitasking on your smartphone will be even easier once the Galaxy S4 release date arrives. The hi-tech chip is twice as powerful as its predecessor, and will reportedly let users easily use two applications at once, meaning you could watch a TV show on Netflix while at the same time answer emails, check Twitter or play Angry Birds.

The Galaxy S4 release date will also give consumers a Samsung smartphone with an even longer battery life, thanks to the Exynos 5 Octa. The way this works is that the processor's eight cores are divided into two sections, Cortex-A7 and Cortex A15. While A7 will handle simple tasks (browsing, email) the A15 handles the heavy lifting (games and streaming).

Perhaps the biggest rumor surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is the devices screen size. Recent reports peg the display at 5-inches (or more accurately 4.99). But the new screen won't just be bigger it will also look better. Samsung is prepared to unveil its HD Super AMOLED display, which features a 1920x1080 resolution and an impressive 440 pixels per inch.

There's one more Samsung Galaxy S4 release date rumor regarding the display and its a big one: flexible screens! This revolutionary design, called YOUM Flexible Display, was featured at Samsung's CES keynote speech last month. Not only would a flexible smartphone be foldable for easy storage and revolutionary new applications, the screen will actually be tougher and more scratch resistant.