PS4 controller features and specs were finally revealed last night the PlayStation event. The Dualshock 4 design was pretty much the same we saw in earlier leaked pictures, sporting a touchpad, as well as share button, built-in camera and headphone jack. Read on for more PS4 controller specs, features, photos and video.

Here's a rundown of all the new PS4 controller specs and features via out techier sister site, iDigital Times:

Controller specs are as follows: The controller, called the "Dualshock 4," will have updated joysticks and L2/R2 buttons. It will feature a touchpad and social share button that will allow players to capture footage of gameplay to share with family and friends. The Dualshock 4 will also feature a headphone jack, a multi-colored light bar to identify different players' controllers, and a peripheral camera that, using the light bar, can read the controller's position in a 3D plane, allowing for extremely smooth game input.

The PS4 controller's "Share" button may be the most controversial feature introduced at last night's PlayStation 4 launch. At the event, Sony execs explained that the button will let PS4 users share video and photos of their achievements with their friends online across a number of social networks as they play. Pressing the share button will let you post video of our gameplay to streaming websites like Ustream, and the system will keep a short term memory of recent gameplay so you can still post something after it's already happened. PlayStation announced that the PS4 will feature its own social network, thought gamers will likely be able to share across other websites like Facebook and Twitter as well.

The touchpad is also a pretty controversial PS4 controller spec. Its exact purpose is still unclear but it will essentially allow PlayStation 4 gamers to play new games using a trackpad. Sony showed off a number of new games that don't seem to incorporate the touchpad, but there was one exception. Indie game legend Jonathan Blow (best known for "Braid") shocked gamers by taking the PlayStation stage and introducing his new game, "The Witness," which will launch as a PS4 exclusive. The game will reportedly integrate the PS4 controller touchpad. Check out the preview below:

The backside of the PS4 controller features a glowing six-axis sensor for better mtion control. The design for the L2 and R2 triggers has also changed for "better precision plus improved surface materials... for more delicate manipulation," Sony explained.

Check out these video of the PS4 controller specs and features:

PS4 controller specs and features Twitter reactions:

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