The PS4 vs. Xbox 720 console war is just heating up, but rumors that both systems will block used games have everyone worried. Now video game retailer GameStop has spoken up, warning both Sony and Microsoft against applying the controversial new technology. Read on for more PS4 vs. Xbox 720 specs, features and release date news.

Gamers are eagerly awaiting the next generation of home consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but if the rumors that both systems will block gamers from playing used games are true the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 battle could easily fizzle, at least according to GameStop's CFO Robert A. Lloyd (via IBTimes).

During a Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference earlier this month, Lloyd weighed in on the upcoming PS4 vs. Xbox 720 specs battle, reacting to rumors and patents suggesting that both Sony and Microsoft are looking to boost profits from game sales by blocking players from sharing games with each other. According to an internal study conducted by GameStop, three out of five of the chain's customers revealed that they will not buy a system if it blocks them from playing pre-owned games.

"I think it was 60 percent of customers who said they wouldn't buy a new console [that blocks used games]" Lloyd said, according to (via) VG247.

Sony and Microsoft should take note of GameStop's study as they gear up for the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 battle. Of course, the video game retailer likely has their own reason for advocating against the new technology. A good chuck of the company's profits likely come from buying and selling used games, though Lloyd argued that they were simply looking after the consumer's best interests.

"Consumers want the ability to play preowned games, they want portability in their games; they want to play physical games," he argued. "And to not have those things would be a substantial reason for them not to purchase a new console."

GameStop has no revealed exactly how they conducted this study regarding PS4 vs. Xbox 720 specs, but they did feature a survey on their website recently.

Lloyd also noted that Sony and Microsoft could probably get away with their plans to block used games on the PS4 and Xbox 720, admitting that only four percent of GameStop's used game sales are new titles sold under 60 days after their release date. It's also relevant to note that hard core gamers are well known for complaining incessantly online and then buying the new product.

So will GameStop's stance on blocking used game have any influence on the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 specs battle? There's no clear answer so far, but both Sony and Microsoft appear set to implement the controversial new technology regardless, claiming that DRM is the only way to fight against gaming piracy.

Sony has already filed a patent on the new technology that would tether a physical game disc to the first console it's used in, and Microsoft is rumored to be developing a similar security system for their next-generation console. If both companies go through with their plans the PS4 vs Xbox 720 gaming war could be the most controversial yet, with hard core gamers hating on both sides of the aisle.

Read on for PS4 vs Xbox 720 specs and features comparisons.

Sony PS4 Specs:

-8GB RAM (twice as much as Xbox 720 according to VG247)

-1.84 teraflops (50 percent more than the Xbox 720 according to VG247)

-Rumors are flying that the PS4 won't be able to play used games

-No backwards compatibility

-Blu-Ray support

-Will block used games if Sony implements their new patent.

Microsoft Xbox 720 Specs:


-Twice as much RAM as PS4

-1.23 teraflops

-Rumored to block used games

Read on for PS4 vs. Xbox 720 price comparison and speculation.

Both the PS4 and Xbox 720 are expected to cost under $400, according to a report from OXCGN citing a post to Reddit by an anonymous console developer. The developer claims to know for a fact that both consoles will retail for between $300 and $350. However, considering the PS4's beefed up specs compared to the Xbox 720, it's possible that Sony's system could cost significantly more than Microsoft's.

PS4 vs. Xbox 720 release date 2013:

Both the PS4 and Xbox 720 release dates will likely arrive in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season. Sony has already pulled ahead in this race, scheduling a big PlayStation announcement for February 20. We're expecting them to unveil their next generation console and announce the release date this Wednesday, at which point Microsoft may be forced to play catch up with their Japanese rival.

That's all we know about the PS4 vs. Xbox 720 specs, features and release date so far, but check back soon for more info following Sony's big event this week.

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