NuForce NE-600 M/X In-Ear Headphones may just be the best designed, cheapest headphones on the market. For just $25 you get amazing sound quality far superior to what you get with your average $50 in-ear headphones.

The NE-600 M/X design is simple, relying heavily on sleek plastic where the E-700 featured a lots of metal. The 600's however, are light, sturdy and minimalist (no logos). The cord comes in unassuming black, as well as flashy red or green.

Like many other cheap earbuds, the bass is a bit over done, but in this case the bass comes in strong and fast but not washed out. You'll have no problem hearing the vocals or other instruments over the NE-600 M/X bass. The bottom line when it comes to sound quality is that where all other low-end earbuds fall flat the NE-600 M/X shine.

NuForce's latest model is a redesign of their popular NE-700 model, which cost $70 a piece. Wired even gave them the title of "Editor's Pick" in 2011 for best earbuds under $100, calling them "nearly flawless" (Wired gave the E-600s the same words of approval).

You can purchase a set of E-600 M/X from, as well as Sonic Electronix and Amazon.

Final word: if you're still using Apple's terrible earbuds or their redesigned but still terrible earpods then these $25 earbud from NuForce are the answer to your prayers.