I'll admit it, I'm obsessed with 3D printers. The technology has been around for a while but it's finally entering the mainstream in a number of cool and interesting ways and the possibilities for this type of manufacturing technology are truly revolutionary.

Last month we reported on Brooklyn-based company Makerbot's latest product, the Replicator 2, an easy to use 3D printer intended for homes, offices and schools, as well as their first brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan.

Already in Octobober we're happy to report that the first ever 3D printer pavilion, called the KamerMaker, has opened in Amsterdam. The project, which means "room maker" in English, is intended to demonstrate the possibilities with this technology. The massive 3D printer is housed inside an 18-foot metallic shipping container, and is capable of print extremely tall or long objects.

Following its debut in Amsterdam, the Kramer-Maker will travel the world in order to highlight the importance of this technology.

Check out their video below: