Designer Product Tank is a frequent poster to Core77's discussion forums, where he often unveils his latest interesting designs and asks the community for their feedback. His latest invention, which he calls "The Clamp Lamp," is a multi-jointed lamp with complete flexibility that locks into place when a small clamp near the head is activated. The concept was inspired by a popular children's toy which goes slack when your press a bottom on the bottom of the small toy's stand.

Here's the designer's explanation from the forum:

I was thinking about designing an Anglepoise lamp when I started playing around with this simple toy (above). When you press in the base, the toy horse collapses, allowing you to play a great game with children, where you pretend to shoot the horse and it falls over as if dead. What if I could reverse the mechanism so that my lamp could be incredibly flexible, allowing me to put it into any position, before I activated a cam, locking all its joints rigidly in place. I built my lamp and was ready to make the video, when I realised I needed a table to display it on, so I spent a day designing and making the one shown. Having made my prototype lamp, I know there's plenty of design improvements to be made. Is it possible to improve on the functionality of the Anglepoise lamp? Please watch the video below to see the result.

Previous designs by Product Tank include a cutting board that transforms into a bowl, a more powerful paperclip, and a high-tech toaster.

via Core77