Working out of their Brooklyn studio, Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan have developed a sleep mask that does more than just block out light. The Remee REM mask helps sleepers achieve a state of lucid dreaming in which they can take control of their dreams and do whatever they want in them.

"We were inspired by a mutual love of the subject mater, lucid dreaming, and a desire to create something slightly more accessible than other physical products for lucid dreamers," Steve McGuigan told iDesignTimes.

Lucid dreaming can be an incredible experience, but it's very hard to achieve and can be hard to maintain in the moment. In order to lucid dream the dreamer must consciously realize that they are in a dream and then maintain that thought while taking control of their actions. Once this is achieved you can literally do anything.

The project was initiated when McGuigan and Frazier, both lucid dreaming enthusiasts, began search for a device that could help them achieve lucid dreaming on a regular basis. They found sleep masks online, but everything they came across was expensive and bulky. So they designed their own model and called it Remee.

Inside Remee is a small micro-controller that can sense when the wearer is at the height of REM sleep and most susceptible to lucid dreaming. The controller then flashes specific light patterns that won't wake the sleeper up. Instead they manifest in the wearer's dream, alerting them that they are asleep and allowing lucid dreaming to occur.

The project was funded last month through Kickstarter and raised almost $600,000, far more than the $35,000 goal set by McGuigan and Frazier.

"We hoped to make our funding goal but never dreamed that Remee would be as popular as it is," said McGuigan. "It's very encouraging."

You can order Remee online for $95.