iOS and Android phones both come with their own built in weather programs, but if you're looking for a less cluttered weather service on your phone this minimalistic yet colorful app may be the answer.

Brisk, designed by TwoSolid Studio, is built around a simple and elegant style. The no-frills experience is currently only available for iPhone users. Weather is displayed b the numerical temperature next to a simple icon describing he specific weather (example: a cloud with a thunderbolt). There's no hour-by-hour projection either and no weather map.

You can see tomorrow's weather by swiping to the right. Swipe down to change your location. Swipe up to change the settings. That's about all the frills Brisk has to offer.

What Brisk lacks in extra features it makes up for with its unique method of the answering the timeless question: what's the weather like right now?

"I was just tired of weather apps where you need to read the temperature or see overwhelming graphics plus do additional actions to figure out what is happening to the weather," designer Eddie Lobanovskiy told Fast Company. "Brisk let's you figure out what the weather feels like right now by using appropriate color tone."

So how does the app actually work. The background screen is a blue to red gradient representing temperatures from warm to cold. Depending on the weather the numerical temperature and icon will appear at the representative spot on the screen. So if it's it hot out the temperature is displayed near the top where it's orange, and if it's cold the temperature shows up on the bottom blue half. You can also re-orient the app based on your own interpretation of warm and cold.

The official website for Brisk is currently pretty desolate, but a temporary page set up through currently has 81 likes and 7,231 views.

Brisk will show up in the iOS app market in the next few weeks and it seems worth checking out. You can also sign up online and receive a notification when the application is available.