"Ray" is an innovative cellphone charger that's powered by the sun so you can power up your battery wherever you are.

The charger features a suction cup so you can attach it to the inside of windows for maximum exposure, as well as a kickstand when there's no window available.

The product is listed as upcoming on design company Quirky's website, and has no price listed although the current projected price is $21. Ray's official description reads:

Never go powerless again! Ray is a solar powered charger for electronic gadgets. The powerful suction cup and a tilting kickstand support multiple positions to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Now you'll be able to charge up wherever you go.

Core77 points out several problems with the current design and notes that since the product is still under consideration users can sign on as influences and provide advice on everything from the design to the price.

At it's current projected price, Ray, is a steal compared to other solar cellphone chargers, and its design allows for the maximum amount of energy to be harnessed from the sun.

For more photos of Ray head to Quirky's website.