A news report shot inside Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory in China surfaced online recently, providing some of the most revealing footage of the massive factory so far. The video follows a reporter from Chinese news organization iFeng and Foxconn CEO Terry Gou as they tour the facility. The video is available on YouTube in Chinese with no subtitles.

The report opens on a bird's eye view of the massive factory. Gou notes that Foxconn is the biggest factory in Zhengzhou, measuring 5.6 square kilometers with 115,000 workers on staff, according to NextWeb's translation of the view. Gou also notes that there are plans to expand the factory into what he calls the "wasteland" surrounding it.

Gou boasts that his factory is better than any in Japan, Germany, the U.S. and elsewhere. He may have a point. Over 70 percent of the world's iPhones are produced at Foxconn Zhengzhou Chinese blog Ynet reports. The factory produces 10,000 motherboard units, and 200 tons of international cargo per day.

Upon entering the factory, we see the assembly line where the iPhone 4S model is assembled. The tour stops at the station where the displays are made and where motherboards are constructed. The reporter and CEO then step through a cleaning chamber into a room where the cameras are assembled.

In a second video here, workers are interviewed about the conditions at Foxconn and respond favorably, according to MicGadget.com.

Foxconn became a household name earlier this year after reports the factory's massive scale and sometimes questionable worker treatment trickled back to the US. In February, ABC's Nightline visited the plant to interview workers who complained of long hours, little overtime and poor living conditions, but did not comment much on production itself.

In March, Apple's new CEO Tim Cook visited the factory in an attempt to respond to criticisms over Foxconn's handling of worker's conditions.