Allochroous Yacht is the winner of 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) in Dream Boat Category. Designed by Ezgi Aksan, Turkish designer, and Ambra Ceronetti, Italian designer, Allochroous…an adjective in English which means “changing color” which these two designers think as the best name to represent their yacht design. Allochroous Yacht features transformable body and color through its innovative technology. You will see different form of yacht in the morning and in the night.

Text from designers:
Language of the style is always the same but we can say that this yacht is especially for the special “nights”… because Allochroous Yacht has been designed for special concerts. Well, actually this yacht is not only for concerts but also for VIP movie premiers, exhibitions, important events or boutique theatre presentations. So we can say that this project will be for someone who is a member of such a high class society. People from these kind of Elite groups will attend prestigious events which will be held on this yacht. All expenses can be paid by sponsors or financers of the events or depending on the situation, guests can come to listen live music which is just organized for a few people.

If we have to talk about technical details a bit, Allochroous Yacht is 40-meters long and has three parts under the hull which two of them are floating and one which is on the back by itself with motor. When the yacht is on the move, the two twin arms under the body are open and provide floatation mechanism for the boat. If the boat has to stop which it happens when someone has to get into the yacht; the arms move toward each other and become almost in closed position. At this point they create more weight and make the yacht goes down slowly. When it goes down, access to the yacht becomes easy with automatic folding stairs.