'Pokemon Go' Release Date And Update: No Word From Game Developers When The Release Date Is; Game Rumored To Bigger Than 'World of Warcraft'

By Jonnalyn Cortez January 20, 2016 11:36 PM EST

IN PHOTO: Pikachu, a Pokemon or pocket monster, poses with Japanese actors and actresses specialising in dubbing film to promote new feature film of Pokemon during a news conference in Tokyo December 1. The promoters announced the Japanese release next summer of the third in the feature film series. The feature film "Pokemon: The First Movie" debuted in the United States last month and is a smash hit raking in more than $10 million on the opening day. (L-R): Rika Matsumoto; Naoto Takenaka; Pikachu; Ai Kato; and Hirohide Yakumaru. (Photo: Reuters Photographer)

Fans are now excited for the upcoming augmented-reality version of animated game series, "Pokemon GO," for mobile phone devices. However, in spite of not having an exact date of its release, some said it is bigger compared to the "World of Warcraft."

"I think we can be bigger than World of Warcraft. There are more mobile devices than gaming-configured PCs out there," Niantic CEO John Hanke said in an interview with Venture Beat. "The awareness curve of what we're doing is maybe similar to free-to-play. I don't know if you can project your mind back a few years ago to when there was this thing going on in Korea - you don't buy the game, but you buy stuff in the game? It wasn't mainstream at all. It was this thing they did over in Asia."

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"I'm not spending my time trying to beat everyone else out on paid user acquisition. We do these events because we're trying to build a genre from the ground up," the mobile game company chief marketing officer Mike Quigley added. "It takes a much more hand-crafted, thoughtful approach."

Meanwhile, developers didn't disclose the solid release date of "Pokemon GO," but there is a lot of surprises incorporated in the upcoming game. The mobile game is designed to be played on smartphones powered by iOS and Android, Moviepilot reported.

In fact, they created the series with real world surroundings so players can interact with virtual Pokemon. As a proof, they released a trailer, a few months ago, that showed how their supporters can enjoy the game.

Evidently, it brought a lot of excitement as it gave a nostalgic feeling for everyone who grew up in the evolution of Pokemon era. Also, it took them to their early childhood days, where they enjoyed playing the animated series. Watch the teaser below.

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