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International Design Times is a global news website headquartered in New York City. We look at style from every angle. What restaurants are fashionistas going to? How did Chanel create a leather that's so soft? Is it time for Katie Holmes to clean out her cluttered closet?

It's not just about fashion. It's about the intersection of style, design, art and technology.

Our editorial staff has access to all the celebs and designers you love. And we're committed to giving you a first look at the front row and behind the scenes. Because it's not about what happened yesterday. It's about what will happen tomorrow.

Editorial Director

For over a decade, Jessica Barbanel ( has covered the fashion and entertainment industries for countless magazines, newspapers and wire services. Through her close relationship with New York designers and Hollywood stylists, she has forged a reputation for up-to-the-minute stories about emerging business and fashion trends influencing 7th Avenue and beyond.

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